Safe Holdings Review – A Quick Look into their Offerings

When your hard-earned money is involved, you cannot make a decision without thinking about it properly. This rule applies when you are searching for a broker to start trading in the financial markets. You will be depending on the brokerage for your trading needs, due to which you need to know everything they can offer to you. Despite their claims, not all companies can give you what you are looking for, so it is best to do your homework and know what you are agreeing to.

As it was founded in 2018, Safe Holdings is relatively new than the rest of the options out there, but it is unique as it is a Bitcoin-based platform. With the hype surrounding cryptocurrencies, this platform has piqued the curiosity of many. However, you need to know what it is offering before you decide to move forward with it. Read this Safe Holdings review to find out everything that can make a difference:

Asset Index

There are more than 300 trading products that Safe Holdings is offering to its clients and they are spread across 200 financial markets. You can trade stocks, like Apple, Google and Netflix, indices like Nasdaq 100 and Dow Jones and forex currency pairs like EUR/USD, USD/CHF and GBP/USD. There are commodities, including precious metals like gold and silver, energies like crude oil and natural gas and agricultural products like wheat, rice, sugar and coffee. Plus, they have also added cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin, Ethereum and Litecoin.

Trading Platform

One of the best things about Safe Holdings is that it has offered the MT4 trading platform to its clients, which is considered the top trading platform in the market and is a favorite of every professional trader out there. Along with this option, they have also added the WebTrader trading platform, which is available through the web browser and doesn’t have to be downloaded. It uses state-of-the-art technology to offer quick trading execution. Apart from these options, you will also find mobile trading apps for Android and iOS devices that can be downloaded and used for trading on the move.

As far as features and tools are concerned, every single platform offered by Safe Holdings comes with professional charts, a customizable platform layout, various order types, real-time risk management, user-friendly interface and tight spreads and low commission make them the ultimate package.

Registration Process

It is necessary to be aware of the registration requirements of a broker, if any, and what you will have to do. You will find that Safe Holdings has kept their registration process simple and easy for everyone. They have just one form on their website that their clients need to complete and it asks for only basic details that you can enter in just a couple of minutes. These include first name, last name, phone number, country, email address and a password. You also need to confirm that you are 18 and agree to the Terms & Conditions they have outlined.

Support and Assistance

One of the most crucial features of any brokerage is the support and assistance they offer to their clients. Online trading comes with its own share of problems and you may have questions about the company’s policies, procedures or may encounter a technical problem with the trading platform. Delays in assistance can result in losses because the financial markets don’t stop for anyone and even small movements can make a big difference.

There are educational resources provided by Safe Holdings for guiding their clients and giving them the necessary trading knowledge to succeed. There is also customer support available 24/6 for answering any questions and solving any problems you may have during the trading process. You can reach out to their agents via email, as different email addresses are provided for different types of queries.

You will also find a multitude of account options, excellent trading conditions and a quick and convenient deposit and withdrawing process at Safe Holdings that can help you trade with minimal hassle.

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