EcoMarkets, Offering More than Just Traditional Cryptocurrency Trading

It has been more than a decade since the cryptocurrency industry has been around. With time, several products and services have been introduced in the cryptocurrency industry. Unfortunately, majority of the crypto-exchanges stuck with offering basic level products and services to the investors. If one wants access to all products and services offered in the crypto-verse, then they have to sign up with major exchanges that cost a lot. On the other hand, EcoMarkets provides a solution to both; the product catalog and feasible investment options. So in this EcoMarkets review, I will shed some light on the exchanges services so you get to learn about the exchange as much as I do.

Deposit and Withdrawals

Before we get to the rest of the products, it is better to discuss exactly what options EcoMarkets offers the investors in terms of deposits and withdrawals. EcoMarkets offers investors with some of the most convenient and reliable payment methods. In case of deposits, the minimum deposit requirement is $5, which is extremely low as compared to other cryptocurrency exchanges. If an investor wishes to make a deposit, he/she can choose to do it either via Bitcoin wallet, MasterCard, and Visa card.

In case of withdrawals, the investors can choose the same methods as deposit but the minimum withdrawal limit is $20. Once a withdrawal is requested, the investors need to wait for maximum 5 business days for the funds to be released.

Variety of Trading Assets at EcoMarkets

While majority of the cryptocurrency exchanges tend to offer a single kind of asset such as crypto-to-fiat, EcoMarkets does things quite differently. Instead of providing investors with traditional trading option, EcoMarkets provides investors with a variety of trading options. At present, some of the most prominent options include Commodities vs BTC/USDT, Indices vs BTC/USDT, Stocks vs BTC/USDT, Crypto vs USDT, and Crypto vs Crypto. No matter the trading asset selected by an investor, they get full support from the account managers and analysts providing services through EcoMarkets.

Trading Account(s) at EcoMarkets

If you have already gone through several cryptocurrency trading exchanges, then you must have seen them offering several kinds of trading accounts. All these efforts are made by the cryptocurrency exchanges in order to get innocent investors on board. The intentions of such exchanges is only to offer investors with so many options that they get confused and end up investing more than they intend to. This way, the exchanges get money out of the investors and then leave them be.

On the other hand, EcoMarkets offers investors with a single trading account. This way, the investors are not limited to some small trading markets with less opportunities. This allows the investors to gain more exposure in the trading markets and they also receive undivided support from the account managers dedicated to their trading profiles. All that the investors need to do is make a minimum deposit of $5, and they can start trading through EcoMarkets.

Trading Platform at EcoMarkets

While most of the cryptocurrency exchanges offer a third party trading platform, EcoMarkets has a trading platform designed and launched exclusively for its investors. The trading platform is sophisticated, comprehensible, customizable, and is loaded with latest tools and services, and is web-based.

Some of the most prominent and essential services provided by the platform include trading signals, trading alerts, live news, trading charts, trading graphs, historical reports, and so much more.

Transaction Security at EcoMarkets

At EcoMarkets, the investors have the freedom of performing personal and financial transactions without any concerns. The transactions offered at EcoMarkets are protected with the help of SSL Security System. The system allows the users to make transactions without having to worry about getting the information stolen or exploited by third parties. In a worse-case scenario, the transactions of the investors are protected with encryptions, which means they cannot be read by third parties.

Adherence to Regulatory Policies at EcoMarkets

One of the most credible attributes about EcoMarkets is that it is a fully regulated cryptocurrency exchange. It adheres to the major regulatory policies that include the Know-Your-Customer (KYC) & Anti-Money Laundering (AML) guidelines. By adhering to these policies, EcoMarkets ensures it provides the investors with the most reliable, safe, and secure trading environment.

Customer Support at EcoMarkets

The customer support team put together by EcoMarkets consists of some of the most experienced, well trained, professional, and friendly individuals. EcoMarkets offers its support 24/7 and it can be reached out at any time from Monday to Sunday. At present, EcoMarkets supports email and phone as the communication channels for the platform.

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