Global CTB Review: What Makes This Broker A Good Choice For Traders

One of the most challenging tasks, when you are new to online trading, is to find the perfect broker from you. There are many choices available and you have to be really careful in your selection. To make it easier for you, I would like to make a recommendation. The brokerage firms that I would like to recommend today is called Global CTB. Global CTB Trading accommodates new traders as well as experienced ones and this is why I am recommending this broker.

So, let’s take a look at some features of this broker that make it a good choice.

Features of Global CTB

·         Variety of Trade Instruments

The instruments of trade that a brokerage firm provides determine how much exposure you will get from it. Many firms choose to focus on just one type of asset which has its own benefits, however, it limits the investment opportunities that the traders have. Global CTB offers a wide range of assets that you can trade with which allows it to accommodate new and experienced traders at the same time. The assets which you can trade with using Global CTB include forex, cryptocurrency, shares, metals, oils, and bonds. The bonus point is that this broker supports CFD trading with all of these assets.

·         Trading Platform

Global CTB provides you with a web trader. The great thing about web traders is that they require very low maintenance on your part. All that you need to access it is a device that supports a web browser. The propriety trading platform offers great tools that help traders make smart investment decisions. Developed with the latest technology, this platform allows you to stay up-to-date with the volatile financial markets.

·         Account Types

Online firms provide different account types to traders so that they can pick one that best suits their tastes. Global CTB offers varying account types that are suitable for beginners who have only $500 to spare or for professional traders who afford to invest minimum amounts as large as $200,000. The important thing is that in-between these account types there are varying options. The brokerage firm gives you the choice to choose from six different types of accounts including the bronze, silver, gold, platinum, diamond, and the VIP account.

·         Regulatory Position

If you look up Global CTB on the internet, you may find articles captioned Global CTB Scam. Let me assure you that these articles hold no value. This is because Global CTB is a fully regulated brokerage firm. To make their regulatory status more legit, they have posted their regulatory license on their website showing complete transparency in this regard. So, you can safely ignore any articles with titles like Global CTB Scam and sign up with this broker with a calm mind.

·         Savings Account

A great feature that this broker offers the traders is the savings account. Savings account are a great way to save your money for future investments. This brokerage firm offers you the option of opening a savings account. However, you have to be a Diamond or VIP account holder to access this feature.


The trading firm provides multilingual support to traders along with their very reliable customer service. It is safe to say that Global CTB Trading is a trustworthy brokerage firm that facilitates all types of traders.

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