How Did Ehud Sharir Start His Journey in E-Commerce?

E-commerce, the process of buying and selling goods and services online, has transformed the way we shop. From huge retailers like Amazon to your local mom-and-pop shops, the options are endless. For business owners, it’s a great way to reach customers across the globe and for consumers to find what they want quickly and easily.

1. He saw a gap in the market

Ehud Sharir was a young boy who lived with his father in a small town. He was a sports fanatic and one of his favorite games was basketball. In fact, his dream was to become a professional basketball player so that he could make his family proud and lift them out of poverty.

During a game, two men approached him and asked him to shoot. At first, he was scared to try because he knew that he couldn’t shoot very well. But he was encouraged by the crowd and decided to give it a go. He shot five times and scored twice.

3. He was passionate

Ehud Sharir was a young boy who lived with his father in a small town. He was passionate about basketball and wanted to be a star player one day. He would often go to the town square to watch his local team practice. He knew that they usually started training at 1 PM and then played a competitive match at 2 PM. He made sure to double his pace when it came to chores at home so that he could be on the square by 4 PM when they finished.

When he got there, he started dribbling the ball around and past everybody. The spectators cheered every time he passed someone or even shot the ball. However, one of the men approached him and told him that he couldn’t shoot very well.

4. He was determined

Ehud Sharir looked at the wall clock and knew he had an hour to get to the basketball square. He had chores to do and then he would go watch the town team play their competitive match. He was a huge fan and loved to watch the talented players that his city had. They usually played in the main court and talent scouts would come and watch them.

Ehud went to the square and stood in front of the basket. He watched as the other boys played but he soon noticed one player was far ahead of all of them. He grabbed the ball and started to dribble past everyone in sight, it was amazing to watch. The spectators cheered and he kept going.

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