Managed & Self-Managed VPS Plans For Linux OS by MilesWeb

Managed & Self-Managed VPS plans for Linux OS by MilesWeb

MilesWeb provides round-the-clock technical assistance. Their engineers constantly monitor server conditions to ensure that they satisfy industry requirements.

Their managed hosting servers offer dedicated CPU, RAM and storage space, which are not shared by other customers. This ensures that websites load faster.


Unlike shared hosting, you get guaranteed hardware resources with MilesWeb’s managed VPS plans. This ensures a higher level of performance for your websites and applications. It also provides the flexibility and stability of a dedicated server without the high cost. Managed VPS plans are ideal for businesses that need more control and performance than a standard shared hosting plan can provide. You can also use your own IP address with MilesWeb’s managed VPS hosting, giving you the ability to run a private SSL certificate and increase site security.

You can install your own software on a MilesWeb managed VPS hosting account, and you will have full root SSH access. This allows you to perform a wide range of tasks such as installing software, monitoring memory usage, rebooting the VPS server and managing other server configurations. The service also includes a free and simple-to-use resource monitoring dashboard that lets you check server status and manage memory usage with just a few clicks. MilesWeb also offers a variety of Linux-based operating systems such as CentOS, Debian and Ubuntu for their VPS hosting accounts.

Self-Managed VPS

The self-managed VPS plans from MilesWeb include an SSD disk drive, which is one of the fastest and most reliable storage technologies available. This improves the speed of data transfers and boosts page loading speeds. The company also uses a 100Mb/sec network, which helps you reach a much higher speed than many other hosting providers.

All of the self-managed VPS plans from MilesWeb come with a variety of web servers that can be used to host your sites and services. This includes the Apache web server, which is an extremely popular option for creating and maintaining sites. Apache is easy to use and is compatible with a number of different programming languages.

MilesWeb’s customer support representatives are available around the clock to help you with your hosting needs. They can be reached through chat and tickets, and they are very knowledgeable when it comes to the technical aspects of their products. Unlike other web hosting companies, MilesWeb does not rely on bot chat help, so you can be sure that your questions will be answered by a human being rather than an automated system.

Managed & Self-Managed VPS plans for Linux OS by MilesWeb

MilesWeb’s managed and self-managed VPS solutions offer a great balance between price and performance. They utilize a powerful KVM hypervisor, and they have a robust cloud infrastructure with 100Mb/s network connectivity. These features make MilesWeb’s VPS plans the perfect choice for high-performance LAMP stack websites. Their managed plans include full root SSH access and a free secure Shell (SSH) client, allowing you to manage your server with ease. They also include a set of backups that are stored on a remote server, which allows you to retrieve a working copy of your website quickly if necessary. Their pricing is very competitive, and they offer a 30-day money-back guarantee on all of their VPS plans.

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