Why You Need an iPhone Password Manager

Apple’s iOS features a built-in password manager called iCloud Keychain. However, this password manager is bare-bones and falls short of premium offerings in terms of security, functionality, and compatibility.

To find the best iPhone password manager, check for a reputable company that uses robust encryption standards and zero-knowledge protocols. You should also ensure the service supports multiple browsers and operating systems, and offers customer support that’s accessible and resourceful.


Using a password manager is one of the easiest ways to keep your iPhone safe from hackers. Most top password managers use encryption to convert your login information into strings of code that can’t be cracked, so even if a hacker intercepts your phone’s data, they won’t be able to read it. You can also set up your password manager to require Touch ID or Face ID for access, adding another layer of security.

Apple’s iCloud Keychain password manager is integrated into iOS and macOS, so it’s convenient to use on all of your devices. It’s free to use, but it doesn’t offer all the features that some of the best iPhone password managers do.

Some of the most popular password managers are 1Password, Dashlane, and LastPass. These three are top picks because they have a spotless security record and provide premium features for just about any budget. Most of them have plans under $3 a month, and some even offer 2FA keys and extra storage for free.

You can also try NordPass, whose user-friendly interface makes generating and auto-filling passwords easy. It doesn’t have as many extras as some of the other password managers, but it’s still an excellent choice for anyone looking for a secure and reliable iOS password manager. It also offers a streamlined approach to privacy, with breach monitoring, dark web scanning, and automatic updates.


If you’re worried about hackers getting access to your sensitive information, a password manager will help prevent data breaches. These tools save all your logins and passwords behind a single password that you can easily remember. They also encourage users to use strong passwords that are difficult for hacker bots to crack. Moreover, some of them have a password generator to create complex and unique passwords for every site or service.

In addition to storing and auto-filling passwords, some of the best iPhone password managers come with features like security auditing, two-factor authentication, and data breach monitoring. They also offer a variety of pricing plans, so you can choose the one that suits your needs.

Some password managers even have auto-fill functions, which can automatically sign you into a website using the saved login entry. These password managers are easy to use and compatible with all Apple devices. In addition, you can view and edit your passwords on any computer running iOS 12 or later with a USB connection.

When choosing an iPhone password manager, check whether it supports the latest iOS updates and has a user-friendly interface. In addition, look for a secure storage system that uses robust encryption standards to safeguard your passwords and other sensitive information. A reputable password manager will also follow a zero-knowledge architecture, which means that it will never have access to your data or stored passwords.


While Apple offers its built-in iCloud Keychain to store passwords and login information, many users prefer the convenience offered by third-party password managers. They offer a range of extra features and security measures including 2FA, breach monitoring, and syncing across multiple devices. Some of these apps also feature fingerprint and face recognition to authenticate users.

A few of the top-rated iPhone password manager apps are 1Password, NordPass, and Dashlane. The former is free to use and offers an auto-fill function, a secure vault, and a range of other features. It has a great UI and is compatible with iOS, macOS, and other browsers. It has a no-logs policy and is available in a variety of plans for individuals and businesses.

The NordPass app has a more streamlined interface and makes it easy to generate, save, and auto-fill passwords. It also has a feature that automatically syncs login information to iCloud and supports Apple Watch. It also has important security features like two-factor authentication, breach monitoring, and password auditing. Despite its limited features, it is a good choice for iPhone users who want an efficient and secure password management app. If you’re looking for a more comprehensive feature set, you might want to check out the imyPass iPhone Password Manager, which lets you view, manage, export, and share passwords on your iPhone without jailbreaking.


Some of the best password managers have affordable plans for all kinds of users. RoboForm, for instance, offers a free version that lets you save an unlimited number of logins. It also features a password generator, breach monitoring, and autofill web forms. Its latest additions include role-based access permission, which prevents employees from accidentally seeing confidential data. Moreover, you can remotely sign out all devices with one click. This feature is very helpful in scenarios where a lost or stolen computer could expose personal and professional files.

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