Gadgets that are Must Have If You are Professional

With the circumstances that have arisen in the past couple of years, many of us have resorted to internet for almost all our activities. Whether it is working from home, running a channel on social media platforms, YouTube, or any other medium, you need to have a proper setup.

When your profession depends on you working from home on a PC or other device, then there are so many gadgets you may want to be around you. With limited space on your working desk, you would only want the gadgets that have a reason to be there.

If you are unaware of the useful gadgets that you can place on your working desk and may find them to be useful, then let me list some of them.


You can keep the scanmarker in your pocket, meaning it has such a small size. When you have a scanmarker, you do not need a scanner to place the paper inside it and feed the data into your computer. Instead, you can simply scan the text using the scanmarker and the text gets sent over to your system directly.

Smartphone Charger (Portable)

It can be a big hassle if you are on a meeting on your phone or computer and see that your phone is about to die on you. In that case, you need a charger without having to move here and there. This is when you can have a portable charger on hand for your smartphone. This way, you do not have to get up, and install the cable-charger and be hassle free.


AquaNotes can be installed inside your washroom, right next to the shower. Imagine you are working on a project and are out of ideas. Suddenly an idea hits you that you have to note done somewhere. What would you do if you are taking a shower? This is when you need a gadget such as AquaNotes where you can note down notes and ideas without having to leave your shower.

Portable Wi-Fi

Imagine you are in the middle of delivering your presentation for an upcoming project or idea, and if the Wi-Fi dies, it’ll be full of embarrassment for you. This is when it becomes clear that you need extra support so you can continue with your presentations and other projects without interruption. When you have a Wi-Fi that is portable, you can simply charge the device and keep it in your pocket.

A Mini Bluetooth Speaker

If you are listening to your favorite music and have to go to the kitchen to grab something, you’d have to break the rhythm by stopping it. Something like this can prove extremely inconvenient for you. This is when you have a mini Bluetooth speaker that you can carry wherever you go. This way, you do not have to stop the music and then go grab something to eat or do something in a different room other than your office.

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