Three Major Sectors that are Benefiting Heavily from NFTs

With every passing day, the NFT sector grows stronger and bigger. In the past, its existence was close to nothing, which is why no one knew it had been around since 2013. It was only in 2020 when NFTs found their true meaning and since then, their adoption has continued growing.

According to the research conducted by Ido Fishman, an NFT expert, the NFT sector has three strong pillars. These pillars are Art & Music, Gaming, and Collectibles, and over time, they are growing stronger than ever.

You may learn through the NFT news that so many sectors from around the world are adopting NFTs. Even major companies are moving towards the adoption of NFTs for a number of reasons on a global scale.

However, these three pillars are where the entire journey of the NFTs began from. If you are not sure how NFTs have intercepted these sectors then do not worry. Ido Fishman has laid has taken the liberty of explaining how the NFTs have found their way into these sectors.

Art & Music

In the world of art and music, the most important factors are the ownership of the intellectual property. When you own an NFT, there is no one else in the entire world that owns the same digital artwork.

Then comes the music sector where you can gain tremendously from the NFT technology. Through NFTs, you do not have to worry about involving middle-men when launching/branding your music. You can become an independent artist who pays not royalties to third parties.

Instead, you become eligible for permanent royalties, so whenever someone who’s bought your NFT sells it to someone else, you get a piece of the commission (royalty).

Whether you are interacting with the artwork or the music industry through NFTs, you are the owner. You have full control over how your owned NFTs would work and you can show as much flexibility as possible.

In the particular industries, NFTs help you completely get rid of the gatekeepers who literally control your every movement and even your money.


With the adoption of the blockchain technology, many game developers are able to offer huge and multiple worlds to play. People can stick around, interact, socialize, and fight in these virtual environments for as much time as possible.

The developers are mainly integrating the play-to-earn (P2E) modules into gaming. They are doing this to attract more players to their platforms.

With this, the trend of only the developers benefiting from the games is change. Now, even the players have the opportunity of gaining from playing games.

While playing games, the players can acquire collectibles, NFTs, and so much more. Many developers are now offering their own marketplaces, where you can buy and sell the items you like.

Through NFTs, the game developers are even able to offer players the opportunity to build their own estates, worlds, and so much more. This is something that has taken the gaming experience of the players to an entirely new level.


Sports Collectibles have also gained huge success starting from 2021. There are several companies including sports clubs that have interacted with NFT developers to launch their unique collection items.

These collection items are launched in the form of collectibles. The NFT collectibles have also found their way into the sports sector. Different clubs have launched virtual clubs and platforms where users can buy NFTs and then spend them to interact with their favorite clubs in a number of ways.

The users can do it by purchasing digital items and collectibles, and even the score cards for their favorite players. Then there are other developers such as CryptoKitties that have launched their own collectibles. The NFTs have even found their place within the NBA sports sector. By acquiring NFTs, the users get the opportunity to become part of the real time events.

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