Getting Regular Exercise Is Important For Avoiding Diabetes

Exercise As An Antidote To Diabetes

The cost of diabetes care the world over has been spiraling out of control over the past couple of decades. It is therefore considered imperative that methods of preventing the onset of diabetes are developed and introduced.

Clinical trials conducted in recent years have shown physical activity, diet, and weight loss to significantly reduce the risk of developing diabetes – and in particular, type 2 diabetes. The outcomes of these trials are perfectly plausible when considering the actual impact of physical activity upon the metabolism and on how the metabolism affects everything from blood pressure to the body’s ability to tolerate and metabolise carbohydrates.

Even without ongoing trials indicating repeatedly the inverse link between exercise and type 2 diabetes, all of what we have mentioned above clearly indicate a direct connection between a lack of physical activity and the onset of metabolic conditions that may eventually lead to an increased risk of diabetes.

How Much Exercise Is Enough?

The question of exactly how much exercise would be required to lose sufficient weight should always be answered in consultation with a medical health expert – especially when someone is severely overweight. However, in order to achieve significant weight loss, experts recommend more than 250 minutes of exercise per week, or roughly 35 minutes of exercise per day.

Once the goal weight has been reached, the recommendation changes to between 150 and 250 minutes of exercise per week. This is purely “maintenance” for the purpose of preventing the gaining back of the weight that has been lost.

Intensity Vs. Time

Helpful too is that the intensity of the workout has a significant bearing on how much weight is lost. Those individuals healthy enough for more intense sessions of physical activity may find fewer but longer workouts per week useful – especially if daily workouts aren’t practical in terms of time management.

Important to remember is that no two workout programs need be exactly the same. Also, a workout plan doesn’t have to 100% perfect in order to be effective for losing weight. In fact, doing too much exercise often leads to people overeating as the body looks for ways to make up for the sudden drop in energy. The key to success is to find a balance without doing too much or too little exercise.

Exercise Needn’t Be Expensive

Possibly the best part about exercise is that there really isn’t any need for an expensive gym membership or a professional personal trainer in order to get moving.

Going for a walk, for one, is a great way of getting exercise. Walking has been shown to be a great form of exercise to lose weight and lower blood sugar levels at the same time. And it’s an activity that requires no more than a comfortable pair of shoes and a safe place to walk. Plus, you can even play pokies online if you take a walk on a treadmill if you can’t get outdoors.

Another great physical activity is yoga. Yoga helps us manage everything from our blood sugar to our cholesterol levels. It boosts the mood and is great for improving the quality of our sleep.

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