The Top Reasons A Smartphone Can Improve Work Productivity

Modern Smartphones and Improved Productivity

Today’s smartphones are true marvels, allowing us to stay connected with our friends and family, browse the internet, take pictures, play games, listen to music, and so much more. The smartphone market grows with every passing year, and it’s expected that we will have up to 20 billion devices circulating around the world by 2025. Along with all their personal uses, smartphones can also be effectively utilised to promote better productivity in the workplace.

This notion has become especially true in the last 10 years as high-speed, stable internet has spread across the globe, effectively linking the entire world together. Along with this, companies like Microsoft and Google have been hard at work implementing technologies designed to make collaboration easier from a team-based standpoint, and almost all of it can comfortably done with the power of a smartphone.

Team Collaboration

 From Google’s G-Suite to Microsoft Teams, there has never been a better time to connect a group of workers together, allowing them to communicate and exchange data in a matter of seconds. G-Suite, for example, is a team-based suite of software services that can give a group the ability to work on documents in real time, letting them make edits, add annotations, attach media, and so much more.

But perhaps what truly makes this kind of software so potent is that it can all be done using a smartphone. Indeed, Google offers all its services in app form, meaning that even if a worker doesn’t have access to a computer, they can do almost all of the same tasks through their mobile device.

Account Connectivity

 In the past, if we wanted to make a reminder on a calendar, it would most likely mean that we’d have to take a black marker and write on the calendar that hangs in our office. These days, however, there’s just about an app for everything, and we have most of our office tools directly integrated right into our phone’s operating system.

Android and iPhone are both great examples, where we can add something to our calendar and it will automatically update the account associated with it, meaning that that new entry is account wide and can be viewed and edited on any device that’s connected to this specific account.

Cloud Computing & Storage

Cloud storage is another powerful tool we can use in our workplace. We’re able to upload, download, save, edit, view, and share any document or other piece of media, including links to videos, online slots NZ, and more through our phone using the myriad of apps available on both the App Store and Google Play.

Where once it could take minutes to send a file to someone else, it can now be done in real time, but also simultaneously stored as a backup on whichever cloud service is being used, all from the comfort of our relatively small mobile phone.

As mobile devices continue to advance, we will no doubt observe an even bigger departure from the traditional office while also increasing overall productivity.


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