Tips For Glowing Skin This Summer

Skincare Tips For Summer 

When it comes to our skin, we need to give it the nutrition and nutrition it deserves – especially in the harsh, summer months. It gets tricky when we’re navigating work, family, friends and all the other little things that pop up in between it all.

While we can’t keep track of your schedule, we can give you a few tips for looking after your skin.

A Simple Skincare Routine 

The market has become so flooded with beauty care products and gadgets that it becomes difficult to navigate through it all. So, what do you need when it comes to looking after your skin?

  1. Cleanse: The first step is cleaning your skin and getting rid of all the dirt and bacteria that may have built up throughout the day. A water-based cleanser is a great go-to, but if it makes your skin feel tight or leaves you feeling any discomfort, a cream-based cleanser may be a better option. It’s important to wash your face twice a day, never going to bed unless you’ve followed your skincare routine.
  2. Exfoliate: This gets rid of any dead skin cells and helps the skin to regenerate. Exfoliation is tricky as not all skin can handle the same amount of abrasion or the same frequency thereof. If you experience dryness or pain, try a milder product
  3. Moisturise: Your skin needs to stay hydrated if you’re looking for a healthy glow. A good moisturiser will offer exactly that will reducing the appearance of flaky, dry skin. It can also help to prevent wrinkles.
  4. Sunblock: The sun and its UV rays are one of the most dangerous things for your skin. Makeup with SPF is not sufficient in protecting your skin, you need to use sunblock if you are looking to prevent sun damage and reduce the effects of ageing.

Vitamins And Minerals For Healthy Skin

 It’s what’s on the inside that counts and it’s no different when it comes to your skin. You can use the most expensive products on your skin, but without the right vitamins and minerals in your body, your efforts will be futile.

Omega 3: Protects your skin by retaining moisture and blocking out irritants and pollutants.

Protein and amino acids:Build collagen and keratin to strengthen skin and protect it from UV rays.

Vitamin A:Slows down collagen breakdown, promotes healing and reduces inflammation.

Vitamin C:Protects skin from free radicals and helps the proteins in the skin keep their shape.

Vitamin E:Prevents skin damage, wrinkles, sagging and certain cancers.

Zinc:Promotes healing and cell growth.

Selenium:Prevents damage caused by free radicals.

Hydration Is Key

Water is the skin’s best defence and supplement. Our skin cells consist of water and need to maintain its supply to function properly. Water also improves circulation and promotes elasticity.

A lack of proper hydration can lead to sagging, wrinkles, and dry skin. This can cause excess oil which in turn can cause acne and breakouts. Make a point of sipping on water when you’re working, playing the online pokies NZ sites offer, or while watching TV. Your body will thank you – and your skin will too.

Look After Your Skin

 Given recent global events, it’s more important than ever to practice self-care. It’s time to focus on giving your body the nutrition it deserves to function properly and be resilient to the environment in which you live.

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