Transmission Warranty

What Should Come With Transmission Warranty

When purchasing a rebuilt transmission, you should receive a 90 day warranty. If you overheat it, neglect, use improperly, allow the oil to get too low, install wrong, attempt modification, or do your own repairs, you are voiding the warranty. According to Bessler Auto Parts, most people do not read the warranty, and do things that are strictly prohibited. Don’t put yourself in a vulnerable and costly repair position because you didn’t spend a few minutes reading the warranty.

Installation Instructions

Many car owners open the container holding the transmission and toss all the paperwork aside. They proceed to install the transition improperly and void their warranty immediately. Every transmission, whether it is new or remanufactured, comes with a bevy of warning labels and caution tags. The tags and warnings need to be read, and the transmission must be installed exactly as the instructions explain or the warranty is void. This means if you need to have something fixed, it will be an out-of-pocket expense because you didn’t take time to read the instructions.

The Transmission Cooler

According to Simple Car Answers, you should look for the caution tags. Remanufactured transmissions are carefully marked with bright red or orange caution tags that state, “The transmission cooler must be cleaned or replaced before transmission installation or your warranty will be void!” If the transmission cooler is not cleaned or replaced, it can allow dirt from the previous transmission to enter the new one, and this will void your warranty. Dirt from the old transmission can also ruin the new one. Don’t use compressed air and a brake cleaner to do the job, as that will also void your warranty. Acceptable cleaning methods include a canned transmission cooler cleaner or a hot flush machine. The superior option is to replace your transmission cooler and avoid any risk of a warranty problem.

Transmission Warranty Requirements

In order for your warranty to be valid, there are required thing you must do. You must replace the current external seals, gaskets, and filters with brand new ones. The cooling system must be flushed according to the manufacturer’s requirements or be replaced. Fill it with the transmission fluid recommended by the manufacturer.

If you purchase a rebuilt transmission, and plan to install it yourself, it is critical that you follow the suggestions to reduce the risk of voiding your warranty. If you don’t have experience replacing transmissions, hire a mechanic to do the job for you.

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